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Padi at Malaysia

Padi grains when ripe for harvesting is golden brownish in color. The padi farmers, would cut the stalks and bunched them up into bundles.

To remove the grains from its stalk, the padi farmers would "swipe" a bundle against a slated platform with a grain receiver below.

The grains collected are sent to a winnowing machine to remove the husk/chaff. The brownish rice is further processed to get the white, polished rice grain.

A Malay village is never completed without the scenery of a padi field. The field is also known as "bendang" or "sawah".


Kakzakie said...

Kakak really wish to step on the bendang one day. Never been touch padi in bendang till now....

sumanje said...

@kakzakie.....hope you done...sis..thanks visit sumanje