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Wau Bulan

Wau bulan is richly decorated with colourful patterns of flowers and leaves. It has a bamboo frame a tissue covering on which brightly coloured paper is cut and stuck on to make these kite so beautiful to look at.

Wau bulan is made to flew but can be used as decorations as well. 

The most popular wau or giant-kite is the Wau Bulan or Moon Kite. It is so named because its tailpiece resembles the crescent. Unique to the east coast state of Kelantan, these waus or giant flying kites are often as big as a man, measuring about 3.5 metres from head to tail. It is the largest kite around and is capable of soaring to great heights. Not surprisingly, kite-flying here is a sport for men as some kites require at least two grown up men to handle. Most of the patterns are based on local flora and fauna like birds, animals and flowers.

It usually fitted with a stringed bow which emits a soft, wailing sound when flown. Each kite is lavishly pasted with colorful designs and a work of art in it its own right. Kites are flown throughout the year but especially after the full moon harvest. Indeed, so remarkable is the Wau Bulan that the national carrier, the Malaysian Airline System, has chosen it as its logo, symbolising controlled flight.

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