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A walk in the park in Shah Alam

IF Kuala Lumpur has its Bintang Walk, Shah Alam steps up with the Shah Alam Walk, a pedestrian-friendly area that is one of the attractions in the the city.
Covering 0.3sq km and stretching over Jalan Majlis and Jalan Institusi, the Shah Alam Walk became a city landmark in 2004.
Lush greenery is laid out throughout the area, providing shade to benches and tables that transform into quiet nooks for city dwellers to catch their breath after day-long shopping expeditions at nearby shopping complexes.
With rows of palm trees and Balinese lights casting a soft glow in the evening, it is no surprise that the Shah Alam Walk has become a favourite meeting point for Shah Alam residents.
Meeting point: Dataran Shah Alam is also a part of the walk.
Unlike the Bukit Bintang hustle and bustle, the Shah Alam Walk exudes serenity, especially at night, with the sound of water from the numerous fountains in the area.
“The area was created to provide a friendly environment for pedestrians.
“Vehicles still have access but the road system is done in such a way that they have to slow down while plying the area,” Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) public relations officer Shahrin Ahmad said.
For the safety reasons, the MBSA had also installed a CCTV system in the area.
“The system is linked directly to the Shah Alam police station for monitoring purposes,” Shahrin said.
Hidden beauty: With rows of palm trees and Balinese lights casting a soft glow in the evening, it is no surprise that the walk has become a favourite meeting spot.
He added that since its opening four years ago, the Shah Alam Walk had become a trademark for the city.
The project was a joint venture between the MBSA and the Selangor Government, which shared the cost of RM9mil.
The MBSA’s Landscaping and Parks Department, which is responsible for maintaining Shah Alam Walk, is constantly upgrading the facilities in the area from time to time.
Strategically located near Hotel Quality, Plaza Alam Sentral and Dataran Shah Alam, the place also has plenty of kiosks and restaurants offering a variety of food ranging from local delights to Western selections. Business is quite good in the evening as many patrons come to enjoy their kueh and teh tarik al-fresco.
There are also mamak shops nearby for nasi kandar fans.
Watery delights: Fountains add to the ambience along the walk.
The Shah Alam Walk complements Dataran Shah Alam where a host of activities are held on weekends.
Visitors can shop at the Alam Sentral Shopping Complex and PKNS Complex or walk across the street to the Shah Alam Lake for a quieter environment.
It is also a stone’s throw from the Galeri Shah Alam and Laman Budaya where cultural performances are held regularly.
No parking is allowed in the area and the council will tow vehicles that are left there.
Enforcing the towing in the area makes it more pedestrian-friendly and visitors can park at the nearby Alam Central, Quality Hotel or SACC.
Yet, despite the signboards being placed all over the area, there are still motorists who leave their vehicles on the roadsides.
“I hope people are more sensitive to the signboards and do not leave their cars on the roadside.
“They should know that there is a reason why the area is designated as a no parking zone.
“Besides, unlike in KL or PJ, the parking fee here is minimal,” said Azizah Mohd Noor, a regular visitor to the Shah Alam Walk.
She also called for the local authority to step up enforcement so that motorists would adhere to the traffic rules and regulations, especially in such areas where it was supposed to be pedestrian-friendly.
Soothing: The walk exudes serenity, especially at night.
Meanwhile, some patrons felt that more activities should be organised at both the Shah Alam Walk and Dataran Shah Alam.
Shaiful Azhan Amir said although there were activities being organised occasionally, most of them are for specific groups of people only.
“They have to realise that Shah Alam does not have any cinemas, nightclubs or karaoke centres and we have to travel to nearby towns like Klang and Subang Jaya for that kind of entertainment.
“So the authorities should organise activities to make up for it especially to attract the youth.
“Now, most of the activities organised are done just for the sake of having something,” the 21-year old student said.


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