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Tioman Island

                   About malaysia.................Tioman Island is a beautiful tear-shaped little island that sits around 36 miles off Malaysia’s east coast, nestled in the South China Sea.   It’s a tranquil tropical wonderland of white, sandy beaches and beautiful coastline that will make you feel like a lucky beachcomber who has stumbled upon paradise.

          Palm trees abound and the twin peaks of Gunung Nenek Semukut provide a great landmark that leads you into thick jungle and countless streams and waterfalls within its interior.
Legend has it that the island’s dragon-like appearance from a distance comes from a story about a dragon princess from China who was flying to meet her prince in Singapore and stopped at the shores of the island, fell in love with its tranquility and decided to stay forever and take on the shape of the island.

Friendly people and quaint little villages can be found within this Tioman Island, which is only 39km long by 12km wide.   It’s a jewel in the South China Sea that’s accessible by ferry, yacht and small plane.   It’s surrounded by white coral reefs, which makes it an incredible place to scuba and snorkel.   With a number of scuba facilities on the island, it’s easy to get suited up and geared up and led out to some great diving sites.   Some of the dive shops on the island can also point you to some great accommodations and can set you up with a whole variety of fun things to do on the island.   After all, divers all stick together and know how to have fun.

Another neat thing about the island is that it’s also inhabited by giant monitor lizards, but it’s nothing to worry about as they’re just local attractions.   Visiting Tioman Island is like visiting a faraway place you’ve only dreamed of.    The movie ‘South Pacific’ was based on the beaches of Tioman and a Time magazine article selected Tioman island as one of the world’s most beautiful islands, so there’s documented history here that deserves a place on your list of treasures to visit

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