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Shah Alam Stadium Sunday Market-selangor

Shah Alam Stadium Sunday Morning Market

Petai aka stink beans

Last Sunday, we finally managed to make it down to the Shah Alam stadium's morning market. I have been dying to go look at the place for quite some time but due to work commitments, it has been placed in the back burner.

Beautiful purple brinjals or aubergines
The place is pretty happening with a Pasar Tani (a kind of farmers market) with lots of local produce, food stalls and stalls selling second hand items. It is advisable to come early as it can get packed in the later part of the morning. Luckily, we reached here nice and early.


We walked around the stalls - saw some interesting items. The meat stalls, has fresh beef hanging from racks. A lot of people were at the seafood stalls - fish, prawns and I even found fresh scallops. Only problem, was they looked a bit muddy. I guess you just need to bring them home, wash before you steam or cook them. I spied the workers cutting up a huge stingray. Didn't manage to snap a picture of it though.

Freshwater prawns
I didn't get any stuff, since we were due to go out for lunch. I saw a lot of kundang from Thailand being sold at the fruit stalls. Definitely very popular with people, as they were buying loads.

Fresh scallops

Right next to the market, are the food stalls - about say 2 rows. They're basically a repeat of the Ramadan bazaar stalls, you can find around the same area.

Sup gearbox

For instance, the popiah van was around selling SS Ali popiah, the stall selling akok (the Kelantanese delicacy), was also around. I even spied a stall selling Japanese dorayaki pancake, prepacked.

Making akok

For the food stalls, you get the nice option of dining there versus just packing back the food. Tables and chairs are set out behind stalls for you to sit. You can even order drinks, like coffee or tea too.

Nasi lemak stadium

I took the opportunity to have my breakfast - nasi lemak. Called nasi lemak stadium, you choose from an array of dishes - cockles, fried chicken, fried egg, cow's lungs, rendang chicken and etc. Plonk whatever you like on the plate, pay and proceed to eat at the tables. The nasi lemak was so so, didn't think the rice texture plus the sambal was anything great. Kinda preferred the Kelana Jaya FAM one instead.

Making murtabak

I did find one interesting stall - making murtabak in a slightly different manner. Instead of just a flat pancake version, this one was placed in a square mold.

Folding it

This seems to create a thicker murtabak, with lots more filling. However, there is a price to pay, as it is about RM4, double of the normal murtabak you get.

All ready to go

Aside from these stalls, there is ayam golek (in the morning!), sup gearbox, laksam, nasi dagang, char kuey teow stalls and etc. Loads of variety that will keep your tummy happy.

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