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Penang Museums

Penang Museums

Penang museums would take one back to by gone times and help understand the way of life in Penang. These museums conserve and educate about the past and help understand the present. There are several museums in Penang that are popular attraction amongst the tourists. Forestry Museum in Penang built on a vast 247-acre park displays various original native species of flora and fauna, as well as insects, lizards, and snakes.
Penang Museum and Art Gallery is a beautiful landmark that is the home of old photographs, maps, charts and historical relics. The Penang Museum and Art Gallery is acknowledged as the homage to the inhabitants of Penang Island and it reflects the cultural composition of the state and emphasizes on unity in diversity.

Penang Toy Museum is Asia’s first and largest museum comprising of more than 100,000 collectibles of international brands, this museum allures visitors from all age group. Penang Toy Museum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tanjung Bungah area.
The Penang War Museum vividly depicts the saga of tragedy and distress that engulfed Malaysia during the Second World War. Penang along with the rest of Malaysia faced the torment of losing countless lives, tearing families apart, scarcity of food and the turmoil that ravaged the entire nation.

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