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Penang Festivals & Events

Penang in Malaysia is known for its festive spirit across the world. You will find plenty of social, religious and communal festivals being celebrated here throughout the year. Some festivals are held to usher in the New Year or the new season marking the beginning or end of their harvesting time while, some are occasions to attract tourists from across the world to showcase the traditional and cultural richness of the land. You will be amazed by the galore of legends, customs and faith associated with Penang Festivals and Events.

Festivals and Events in Penang, are just excuse to make the land vibrant with fun, amusement and frolic. And for you these are opportunities to explore the beautiful Penang Island, where so many different communities stay with the bondage of fraternity and harmony. You will find Indians, Chinese and all different communities celebrating their own festivals in this multi-colored land. As a result, this can be a golden chance for you to learn about the land and its faith, its people, their individual culture and customs in all the heights of grandeur.

During Penang Festivals and Events, people involve themselves in various social activities and even invite the tourists to participate in amusement and entertainment. On one hand, the festivals are celebrated with all rigidity and on the other, garbed in the best of dresses, people savor these occasions to relive their spirit with happiness and peace. Thus, just get hold of Penang Festivals and Events to make the most of your trip to this island.

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