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Botanical Garden in Penang

Botanical Garden in Penang or waterfall garden as it is popularly referred as is not only a popular tourist destination but it is a life time experience which casts a mystic spell on its visitors. Amidst the var5ious parks and gardens the Botanical Garden in Penang has created a distinct position for itself. Features of Botanical Garden in Penang
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  -  Botanical Garden in Penang came into existence from 1884 and the plethora of natural heritage mark the exuberance of this famous tourist destination which is the only one of its kind in Malaysia.
  -  Botanical Garden in Penang is enveloped by a cascading brook that strolls through a extensive 29 hectares of prime and undulating grounds and the lush greenery and tranquil setting.
  -  The creative design of the Gardens was indeed a major accomplishment for it mingles naturally with the setting of the tropical rainforests.

  -  Botanical Garden in Penang was acknowledged as the healthy recreational gardens and tourist destination by the Health Ministry of Malaysia.
  -  Botanical Garden in Penang offers a wide range of facilities including Recreational / Picnic areas, toilets, wheelchair access walkways, bandstand, gazebos, jogging tracks, jungle trails, resting lawns and plant nursery.

  -  Botanical Garden in Penang remains open on all the days of the year from 5.00 am to 8.00 pm and there is no entrance fee
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